Berlicon comming soon…

I had a fun time at Berlicon 9 and filled my laptop and nearly all my SD cards to top with video footage. Especially hanging in a tree top secured by ropes and filming fursuits and non-suiters climbing the obstacle courses 6 meters above the ground. Or mounting 2 cameras on top of each other to film them from the ground while camera 3 was rolling away indoors for the stage events.

I made some


Editing the large video will take much longer. If time permits I can upload a separate video of some of the activities. Right now all SD cards are imported and the footage organised by keyword but not reviewed yet. Before the convention I already prepared a title, possible chapters, credits and some good music as well as some ideas of what exactly to show and how to present it. This way for the first time I already came to the convention with a shot-list to do and can now do the editing chapter by chapter without delay.

Video status:

on hold until after Eurofurence (need the HDD space for the Paw Pet Show)

done: intro, arrival, camping, Schnitzeljagt

working on: Music, shortening the quiz show, high ropes, radio show

todo: campfire tales, BBQ, ending