As a group of German and Switzer furs we visited Europapark last saturday. I so happened to have a GoPro that I wanted to test.
So I took along me to play around with and recorded most of the rides. The sound of the GoPro is quite bad and it got terribly noisy after sunset (Wodan). I also found that motion tracking doesn’t help much with the remaining shaking. Leaving the shaking however helps to convey the actual speed.
Eurostar had to be cut short as that ride is simply in complete darkness and the ill decoupled microphone doesn’t convey the ride at all.
In River Raftig I was expected more action and splashing. Recording in 50fps to allow for some limited slow motion (No need to sacrifice resolution to get 120fps) proved unnecessary.
May own voice is much too loud compared to the others and very distorted when I scream.


finished: Blue Fire, Rafting, Vindjammer, Wale Adventure Splash Tours, Wodan, Silver Star, Credits

working on:

Berlicon comming soon…

I had a fun time at Berlicon 9 and filled my laptop and nearly all my SD cards to top with video footage. Especially hanging in a tree top secured by ropes and filming fursuits and non-suiters climbing the obstacle courses 6 meters above the ground. Or mounting 2 cameras on top of each other to film them from the ground while camera 3 was rolling away indoors for the stage events.

I made some


Editing the large video will take much longer. If time permits I can upload a separate video of some of the activities. Right now all SD cards are imported and the footage organised by keyword but not reviewed yet. Before the convention I already prepared a title, possible chapters, credits and some good music as well as some ideas of what exactly to show and how to present it. This way for the first time I already came to the convention with a shot-list to do and can now do the editing chapter by chapter without delay.

Video status:

on hold until after Eurofurence (need the HDD space for the Paw Pet Show)

done: intro, arrival, camping, Schnitzeljagt

working on: Music, shortening the quiz show, high ropes, radio show

todo: campfire tales, BBQ, ending