Halloween Suitwalk Stuttgart


Same procedure as every year…another Halloween Fursuit Walk in Stuttgart. This time we started earlier, so there was actually some light to make photos before it became too dark. (I strongly dislike “dead” flash photos with the flash not being bounced off any surface and sadly, there is nothing that qualifies for this task along the route of this walk.)

I made some


Anatomy of a PawPetShow

During Eurofurence 21 there was no PawPetShow like all the other years.

However there was a 3 hour panel showing how the PawPetShows are made, how they are set up, how a show is performed, what goes into the creation of pawpets, props, backdrop and stage and everything else.

I improvised a recording of the panel with whatever gear I could grab shortly before leaving for EF21.
So it was just me operating 3 cameras (Blackmagic Pocket and an old GH2) at the same time instead of a small crew of volunteers and a well organized and carefully planned selection of collected and borrowed equipment.
Sadly I forgot my audio recorder at home, and could only connect a borrowed microphone to the one camera that has extremely noisy audio circuit (adapter for the GH2 was with the recorder).
Thanks to Draconius for that one. The sound would have been even worse without it.


Update: one video clip was missing. An im proved version has been uploaded.

Cologne Furdance 2015

I was in cologne anyway, so I had no choice but to DO attent the Cologne Furdance 2015.

It’s the fist year we had the Maritim Hotel instead of the smaller Zeugheus.

It was a blast! Talking to old friends, having good food, doing a bit of dancing, some running around in fursuit and a lot of photos.

I made some

  • 2D photos on Picasa/Google+ (2048×1152) / sadly not on Furcon (full resolution) yet.