LaerCon 2022

Tani and Nightfox where throwing a great New Year party at Haus Laer again.
The party and especially the food was fantastic again.
Lots of DX lights, DJ deck, Slushie machine, …


Sadly I had my good camera and a great flash…but forgot to pack batteries for the flash.
Luckily Khaki made incredibly photos and so did Tioh and Martini Snowfox.

Next morning

There was lots of food left over and it was packaged up but the guy who fetched the silverware the next morning threw it all away.
(Also Cheetah’s car wouldn’t start the next day due to CAN bus issues.)

Furry 8000 Party

This year we could have a Furry8000 party at Cheetah’s place again.
Great, small party to forget work before Christmas.
The radio show was funny as hell.
I think I had a few too many self-baked cookies with me 🙂


I finally moved from Twitter to Mastodon.

Halloween Suitwalk Stuttgart

Same procedure as every year…another Halloween Fursuit Walk in Stuttgart.
However….this time I made a video. 😉


Mal wieder H-Con und wieder mit Suit-Walk.
Dieses Mal sind mir echt gute Photos der Feuer-Show gelungen.
Ansonsten eher nicht das Event um viele Photos zu machen.

I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+

Freiburger Suitwalk

After a long time we had a Suitwalk in Freiburg again.
Near the end we encountered a marriage ceremony. They liked us and the catering team invited us over when we had changed.
Afterwards there was camping and Barbecue outside town.


I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+

Eurofurence 24

As always this time of the year…. Eurofurence.
Not much to see for me as it was mostly work both as staff and dealer.


I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+

2018-06-06 Mad Scientists Party with Zefiro

Had a great party.

Lots of food, good company, lots of fun with lab coats and portal guns,

laser tubes and cool vintage electronics.

Good music too!

I really enjoy these parties Zefiro is throwing. 🙂

No Virtual Reality this time and no crank operated lazorrr.


I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+

Pum Hauseinweihung

Und noch ein paar 2D Photos auf Picasa/Google+

Mephit Mini Con 21

May… MMC time.
The last event to spent some relaxing time with friends before all the last Eurofurence-preparations start taking over.
This year we had very nice lights installed outside the castle.


I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+